Phones & VOIP

Phones and VOIP

Businesses today are communicating more than ever before. Whether you’re calling a vendor for a status update, a big client is checking on a deal, or your employee is making a sale, people are trying to reach you and the phone system that keeps you in contact must work for you. There are a lot of options in the market to fit the specific needs of your operations and phone service bills are ripe for negotiations. Your business needs a system that scales to meet your growing needs, without keeping you restrained to a desk with a cord attached. Running a business involves picking up the phone and calling a colleague, client, or vendor. Is yours working properly and integrating with the right systems?
  • Do you have a good vendor relationship to buy more phones or licenses to your PBX?
  • What happens to your company phone line when the office is closed for inclement weather?
  • Are your employees properly trained how to use the phone system already in place?
  • Would it help your team to route a phone call to their cell phone when out of the office?