Phil de Verges

Hello, I'm Phil de Verges.

Technology has become an active part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It provides us with tools to do so many things more effectively and efficiently, whether you're an organization or consumer. I believe integrating the right tools into your processes makes all the difference, so I started PdeV-IT to help make tech a bit easier for my clients.

Would you like to discuss your business or residential technology needs?


Business Services

Many organizations can benefit from newly available technical solutions.

Domain Management

Do you have a website or internal computer network? Some simple changes can increase security, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.

Business Applications

Your business is run by a collection of systems in charge of various tasks. Let's make sure you have the best tool for your needs and industry.

Vendor Management

Every business has to work with vendors to provide services, it may be your phone bill or laptop supplier, and I want to help you get the best deals with your technology spend.

User Support

How often does the technology that runs your company run at 100%? We can work together to ensure your team has the support they need to maintain momentum.

Email System

Using an integrated system for email can save a bundle and keep your team & customers on the same page.

Phones and VOIP

Running a business involves picking up the phone and calling a colleague, client, or vendor. Is yours working properly and integrating with the right systems?

I'd like to learn more about what your business is trying to accomplish.

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Consumer Services

I enjoy working with consumers to make sure technology simplifies their lives.

Computer Support

Having trouble with your laptop or desktop? We can get you up & running soon.

Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi has come a long way in recent years, dead zones can be a thing of the past.

Phones and Tablets

The tech that's always within an arms reach still has trouble sometimes.

Messaging and Social

Are all of your social accounts in order & protected? Easy steps can save you a lot of trouble.


Is your TV and Home Audio working the way you want? Let's program it to work together!

My Approach

Whether you run your own show, a growing team, or need help at home, we can find the right tools.

Direct Contact

I work directly with you and your users to understand the purpose behind your processes and provide the most appropriate solution.

Process Documentation

How often do you come to a decision point and realize you've been there before? Proper documentation will help ensure you don't make the same mistake twice.

Feedback Cycle

I enjoy hearing from the users I work with, a series of great conversations will keep us on the right track.

About Me

We can talk about technology, business, race cars, or breakfast tacos.

My focus has been taking care of my customers and the technology that supports their jobs and personal lives. Early in my career I received an offer I couldn't refuse in Fort Worth, Texas to join a growing startup in the medical services industry. My job was to build and maintain the information systems to support the company at each stage of the company's exponential growth. Some of my favorite interactions involved working to reimagine paper based processes using newly available tech. Information Technology doesn't have to be a scary topic, and as a business leader it is important to understand how your business functions. I want to work with people to translate their business needs into delivered technology solutions.

With the investments companies are making into technology resources, it is important to develop, build, and follow your overall IT strategy. I want to help companies feel confident in their investments and work with them to that strategy for the future.

How can technology do more for you?

Systems are supposed to be making life easier, let's find the best way to help you succeed.